Invest in Batumi

Invest in Batumi - One of the Best European Cities to Invest - according to Forbes

Situated in the southwestern part of Georgia, on the coast of the Black Sea, Batumi is a city with a history dating back to ancient times.

Batumi has been developing rapidly since it became an international tourism destination and one of the most important centers for business in the Caucasian region.

With its unique combination of beautiful sea views, European-style architecture, and cultural diversity, Batumi is known as one of the "hottest" tourist destinations in Georgia. 

Many tourists come here every summer because of its beautiful coastline with golden daytime and pleasant climate. The city has a rich history that attracts many historians and researchers from all over the world. 

Offering numerous opportunities for investments, investing in Batumi is a good way to diversify your portfolio and earn a stable income on your investment at the same time.

The city’s growth has been supported by numerous investments from both local and foreign companies.

The Georgian legislation guarantees the protection of your investments made on the territory of Georgia. The country's stability and security, as well as its strategic geographic location, make it an attractive place for investing.

Located between Europe and Asia, Batumi is easily accessible by sea, land, and air. The border with Turkey gives the city access to international trade opportunities and adds to the economy of the area. There's an international airport, as well as a road that goes all the way to Turkey—which means international transactions are easy for Batumi residents!

Batumi also has a very low crime rate and is known for its friendly atmosphere, which makes it an ideal place to live (and do business).

If you're looking to invest in a city that has it all, look no further. There are many benefits to investing in property here such as cheap prices on the real estate and rental yields — costs of newly built real estate with a sea view per square meter is $400 on average. This is the lowest price compared to most European countries.

That's quite a steal! And if that doesn't get you excited about investing in Batumi, how about this? 

The soft property tax law makes things even more attractive, - there are no taxes on property ownership in Batumi; there are only taxes if you sell within 2 years of purchase (and even then there are special exemptions). Plus, you can register your properties quickly and easily here in Batumi—it only takes a few minutes!

In addition, owning property in Batumi allows you to get a residency permit and legally manage your property by yourself without any problems.

If you're looking for a place where your money will be safe and sound while still bringing in returns through rental yields or selling properties at a later time, Batumi is definitely worth considering!