Apartments Batumi

Apartments Batumi - Buy a breathtaking view that will never change, Calligraphy Towers gives you a 100% guarantee of an unchanged view


Are you looking for a smart investment? A place where you can feel safe and secure, while also earning a stable income? 


We can help you make a profitable investment by purchasing an apartment in Calligraphy Towers.


These modern multifunctional towers will be located in a touristic part of the city, with a stunning sea & mountain view and easy access to everything Batumi has to offer. 


With Calligraphy Towers, you can invest in a luxurious complex with a modern infrastructure that fully ensures the income and financial stability of the investor.


Located in the heart of Batumi, just a short walk from the Black Sea coast and surrounded by restaurants and cafes, Calligraphy Towers will be the perfect home base for your business. 


By purchasing an apartment in Calligraphy Towers, you are investing in ever-growing real estate that also gives you a guaranteed stable income.


You'll find everything you need here—from massage and spa services to dining options and entertainment venues—to make your stay in Batumi as relaxing and luxurious as possible.


We offer our vacationers the service of the swimming pool in the complex, which meets the wishes of the customers in all seasons. Our spa center will be focused on hotel clients and apartment owners. 


Our private beach area is the perfect place for a quiet, comfortable getaway at sea. Our golf carts will take you wherever you need to go, so there's no need to step outside of our complex if you don't want to!


The common open space on the property offers stunning views of both the nearby stadium and the beach below it. You can watch football matches or concerts while relaxing in one of our comfortable loungers or enjoying a cocktail at one of our many bars.


We offer not only spaces for relaxation but also an ideal working environment, equipped with internet and all the necessary inventory to make sure that your stay at Calligraphy Towers is productive too!


Block A apartments will be fully renovated before they are delivered, and all of them come with a Home Alone smart system installed. Block B apartments will be delivered either in a white frame condition or fully furnished, equipped with appliances. 


Additionally, you will receive a 100% guarantee of never-changing views as it's impossible for anything new to be built in front of Calligraphy Towers. So if you choose this property as an investment it will be easy for you to maintain your views unchanged for years to come.


We offer interest-free internal installment plans that help you make profitable investments even if your initial capital is small!

Additionally, our dedicated management team can help you generate passive income by renting out your space! The management company will take 40% of the generated revenue while you'll keep 60% without lifting a finger.


Look no further and make your investment dream a reality with Calligraphy Towers.