About Infrastructure

The concept of the residential complex Calligraphy Towers includes residential spaces, hotel, offices and entertainment areas. All this creates the perfect opportunity for vacations, unloading or work. Guests receive the full service with the developed infrastructure in the complex designed in accordance to the needs of the customers. We can confidently say that a person living, working or visiting the complex has a full-fledged environment and everything he needs for a comfortable time.


Indoor and outdoor pool

We offer our guests swimming pool services in the complex, which meets the needs of customers at all seasons of the year. To make our place completely perfect, guests can enjoy an outdoor and 298 sqm big indoor pool on the territory of the garden and inside the complex.


Spa center

Spa procedures are becoming more and more popular day by day, we want to please our guests with the procedures for the healthy body, developed by the local specialists.

Your attention will be drawn to the design and the inventory of the spa center, which is distinguished by its bright and charming interior, it combines isolated massage and wellness areas.

Spa center was decided in high-class decorative materials and minimalist style, which harmoniously blend into each other and create a sophisticated area for our guests.


Fitness center

Healthy lifestyle is important for us and we want to create all kinds of conditions to make sport activities enjoyable for our guests.

Fitness center is equipped with the latest modern sports and necessary, which equally serves professional athletes and amateurs.


Restaurant, Piano & Lounge Bar

In the Calligraphy Towers you will find food and entertainment areas. Well known is that region is famous for gastronomic tourism, so a restaurant of Calligraphy must be noteworthy for its diverse kitchen, it offers guests more than 3 different cuisines – Georgian, European and Asian.

Also, you can spend your evenings at our Piano Bar with your loved ones and enjoy the live music with the charming sea view.



The main mission of the Calligraphy Tower concept is to create an ideal environment to relax with family. You can enjoy modern cinema, excellent acoustics and 3D graphics.


Private beach

If we believe the studies conducted by scientists, it has been proven that people who live near the sea are happier, the sound of the waves stimulates the brain cells to relax. For the quiet and comfortable vacation on the sea Calligraphy has a private coastline, with the bed loungers. Golf cars will serve you to get to the place.


Green terrace

The philosophy of Calligraphy Towers is to be in harmony with the environment. Along with the outdoor area, also the interior is arranged in accordance with the green infrastructure. Common area decorated with greenery overlooks the seaside and football stadium located next to the complex. Without leaving the complex, you can enjoy the views of Batumi in the evenings, a football match or a world class concert.


Children area

We care about the happiness of your children. For the children from 2 to 10 years in the complex is presented the playground area.


Working area

We offer you not only the spaces for relaxation but also a comfortable area for working and business meetings with all the necessary equipment and internet connection.


Conference hall

Successful cities often host various conferences and business meetings. Modern Conference hall equipped with all the necessary equipment located in our complex will host up to 70 people.


Parking and bicycle depot

Residents and the guests of the tower can park their cars in our underground parking, with 300 parking spaces, also bicycle depot will be presented in our complex.



For entertainment we offer adult guests a space for gambling.  a 24 hour casino is located in the Calligraphy Towers for the guests over 21 years.